Security China 2020- Beijing,Oct.21to 24,2020, Booth# E2Y25
2020-07-23 885

China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security (Security China) is an expo about science and technology, under the approval of the Ministry of Public Security, P.R. China and Ministry of Commerce P.R. China, hosted by China Security and Protection Industry Association. It is a comprehensive, multi-angle expo to show the achievements of the security industry, the new products of security field and new technology of science and technology industry. Security China has become a high-end brand exhibition of China's security industry and one of the significant international security exhibitions in the world.

Xiamen Leading Optics Co., Ltd. is going to exhibit at CPSE 2020 during Oct.21 to 24, 2020. We will launch EVETAR new Mega-pixel lenses in the exhibition. We sincerely welcome you to our booth for a business visit and technical communication.


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